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Biodegradable Products

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Biodegradable Products
Model - 8-3
Application–Ski Goggles 

Skiing is an exhilarating and popular winter sport that offers athletes an incredible sense of thrill and challenge as they glide down snowy slopes in the mountains or on ski trails.  Due to the varied terrain in the mountain, skiers will put on ski goggles to ensure clear vision and safety. 

The lenses of ski goggles are generally made of polycarbonate (PC) which is characterized by its transparency. It provides skiers excellent visibility. However, during intense physical activity, sweat and temperature difference between inside and outside of the goggles can cause fogging on the lenses. Common ways of dealing with fog include using anti-fog sprays, applying anti-fog coating and incorporating ventilation ports. Plant cellulose offers a better solution. 

Due to its high-water absorption property, lenses made of plant cellulose can absorbed the fog by itself. Additionally, the transparent characteristic of plant cellulose can provide skiers fabulous vision during skiing as well. These outstanding advantages make plant cellulose an exceptional material choice for producing ski goggle lenses.      
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Characteristics of Biodegradable material  Plant cellulose is mainly sourced from sustainable forest pulp, cotton, and naturally extracted plant oils. It is biodegradable in water and soil. After degradation, it breaks down into glucose and acetate, ultimately becoming carbon dioxide and water which is absorbable by nature. Biodegradable characteristic of plant cellulose enable it to make significant contribution to environmental protection and helping to reduce the harm of waste on ecosystems.  Product characteristics: Biodegradable: Due to the sustainable sourcing of plant cellulose from materials such as forest pulp and natural plant extracts, it can be biodegradable by microorganisms in compost or specific environments after consumer use.  Transparency: The transparent feature of the plant cellulose provides its applications excellent transparency. It can be used to produce consumer products such as storage boxes, footwear, and lenses of ski goggles.  Impact Resistance: The outstanding impact resistance of plant cellulose makes it highly practical for packaging material and storage bins. It can withstand certain level of impact, lowering the risk of damaging products during transportation and daily use.  The utilization of plant cellulose, with its eco-friendly properties, presents an eco-conscious alternative to traditional materials. Its ability to biodegrade naturally in the environment reduces the burden of waste accumulation and contributes to the preservation of our ecosystems.   
Biodegradable material: Plant Cellulose  Nowadays, plastic products such as toys, stationaries and disposable tableware are not decomposable. They often end up being incinerated, discarded into the ocean, or buried in the soil. This causes pollution to the environment and can harm or even kill living organisms. Therefore, many countries have had to impose restrictions the use of plastic products and enforce recycling regulations to reduce the amount of plastic waste generated by the public annually.  In addition to utilizing GRS-certified materials in plastic injection molding, Guan Lin Industrial has been incorporating plant cellulose in monofilament and plastic injection molding. Plant cellulose is a type of thermoplastic resin obtained though the esterification of natural raw materials. It can be decomposed into glucose and acetate in water and soil, ultimately transforming into carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O), which can be absorbed by nature. This allows Guan Lin Industrial to advance forward the goal of sustainability.   
Application-Biodegradable Disposable Tableware Nowadays, the public has become highly dependent on plastic utensils because of their advantages such as availability, low price and disposability. However, since these plastic wastes cannot be decomposed by nature, they often end up being incinerated or buried, leading to air and environmental pollution. Different from disposable plastic utensils, Guan Lin Industrial applies plant cellulose in developing and producing disposable tableware which is decomposable in water and soil after used by consumers. When decomposable tableware is disposed, it will be decomposed into water and carbon dioxide and become part of the nature in a harmless way.  The plant cellulose that Guan Lin Industrial applied is a TÜV AUSTRIA-certified compost. It allows users to enjoy the convenience in daily lives and be friendly to the environment simultaneously.